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    I am my brothers keeper.  We talk, we play, we go to school and church together.  We share our life each day and we eat at the same dinner table.  We respect each other. When we need to talk, we chat it up.  We have each others back in times of trouble.  My brother is my friend given by God.     
    I am an outdoors type of guy with a lot of love for exploring.  You may find me hiking through the mountains.  I have always loved playing in the sand on the beach with the water washing the surf under my feet.  I look up and see the blue sky and hear the birds whistling their songs.  I know God is watching over me.    
    I have discovered that I love cooking.  It is so amazing to imagine a dish and then bring it to life with colorful and fresh ingredients.   The kitchen is my playground.    
    It is refreshing to look at myself at 18 years old and see what joy looks like.    
    I like to be alone with my husband. I feel so safe and satisfied when he puts his arms around me    
    Spending time with my sister restores my confidence and emotional well being.  I trust her and I feel loved and protected    
    I feel significant when I am alone.  I appreciate who I am.  I believe that I am more valuable to others when I feel good about myself.    
    We share chores around the house and get things done quicker and easier together than individually.  We now have more time to relax together.  Nice.    
    We put away the mistakes of the past by asking each other to forgive.  We are now able to love each other today because we let go of bitterness.  We experience honest joy!    
    Our life together is better, now that we have changed our routine from watching television in separate rooms to walking on the boardwalk shore in the evenings.  Fun!    
    I like getting close and touching my wife.  I like feeling her breath on me and the smell of her perfume and her calm, sweet touch on my body.  She brings me such peace and pleasure.    
    I love giving my wife a deep tongue kiss which seems to surprise her every time.  I feel like I am a real romantic guy for her.  I just want to please her.  I think she appreciates me.    
    It is amazing how our regular sex activity leads us to foreplay outside the house. We feel so attracted to each other when we practice regular sex.  We hold back no emotions.    
    For 66 years we shared our life together.  We knew what was important at all times and that is "family".  With all the ups and downs, we were happy together in the mist of it all.  Our Love for each other grew stronger with every hurdle we helped each other over.     
    Thank you for reading  It is such a joy to share the lessons I have learned with you.  My greatest desire is to do the will of God.    
    Great are the mercies of the Lord for allowing me to hold my first Great Grand Baby.  The Lord is always providing for me and he will do the same for you if you will continue to praise each day.     
    The Lord is always faithful towards me.  His loving kindness for my family is so amazing.  I am grateful everyday.    
    I am my sister's keeper.  We are friends and enjoy working our way through this life together.  We think of each other daily and what we can do to make life a little bit more comfortable.  Sometimes a simple telephone call is all it takes.    
    A sister can change your life forever if their heart is full of love for you.  If you can help her along the journey, do it and never look back.    
    My new sister is here. I am going to take good care of her.  I know a lot about life now that I am 5 years old.  I will teach her everything I know.  Yes, because love is about sharing.    

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